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These people are amazingly talented, please check out their art <3

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Hello friendly friends!

I'm guessing the title is clear enough about the purpose of this journal so I won't talk a bunch of nonsense that nobody wants to know :XD:

I'm opening THREE commission slots for drawings in this style:
Spiced Up My Life by ShikariixNyoomy by ShikariixColorpug Explosion by ShikariixWinter Deerling by Shikariix
They'll be $5 PER CHARACTER.

Other things you might want to know???
  • I cannot draw humans
  • No backgrounds sadly
  • I'll send you a sketch before lining and coloring so you know the pose is ok
  • If you want a certain pose just ask
  • Payment happens after the drawing is done but before I upload it bc i have trust issues and i know i'm a lazy sack of shit who needs to get stuff done before i get the reward
  • If you can pay in euros PLEASE DO that would be great
  • Payment will go through paypal btw
Since I'm jobless now and my income has dropped from €12 a month to like €0,65 a month, I think it's reasonable that I try to earn a little money through commissions. Especially since travelling is pretty expensive and I refuse to let my girlfriend pay for everything. Plus I need some money for a christmas present for her and it would be silly if she paid for that wouldn't it?

If you want any more information feel free to ask and also I would love it if you could somehow spread the word. <3
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Bliss by Shikariix
"it kawaii and stars and colors and eveyrhtign" - Chiara14 2014

A gift for my girlfriend,
because I didn't make anything for our four months together
and I've said some things that maybe I should'nt have
or should've worded differently

because, no matter how you look at it, we match
and when we don't match
opposites (always) attract

because I feel so much happier when you're around
so much safer
so much me

because in your arms I am both home
and in another world
full of dreams come true

because I love you
Floof by Shikariix
Day three of the POKEDDEXY challenge... I'm a few days behind I know :XD: This was also drawn yesterday but I'm a lazy bum and I forgot to upload it.

My love for Altaria is real. Almost as real as my love for my girlfriend. I'm really happy with my Altaria in Alpha Sapphire <3

That's pretty much all I have to say tbh.
Slash by Shikariix
Second day of the POKEDDEXY challenge! A dark type!
I... Don't think I have a favorite dark type. I've never thought of it at least. A random generator didn't really help with the choise either, so a random Pokémon it was. I wanted to give myself at least a bit of a challenge, and Weavile is a Pokémon I've never drawn before. I do really like Weavile though. Even though it was pretty tough to apply my bold coloring.
Scary Face by Shikariix
Scary Face
Inspired by CCDragon-93, I've decided to do some sort of attempt at the POKEDDEXY challenge!
Only I don't really have a favorite in every type so I'm just going to draw whatever I feel like - while still trying to match matching the themes of course.

Also I am starting 2 days late and I won't be surprised if I keep that delay so please bear with me xD I'm doing this at my own pace because it's my project and I won't let anyone boss me around.

I like Masquerain! Great bug type imo. I assume it's not the best in battle though, but I don't know for sure because I have dropped their training after catching my beloved Marill. Which makes more sense if you realize that I was convinced Masquerain was also water type.

I'm hoping I can continue these as fast as I did this one (45 minutes), so I have at least a small chance at finishing the challenge.. We'll see! c:
Forest Of Wonder by Shikariix
Forest Of Wonder
Since I rarely draw backgrounds, I figured it would be good to spend some time at least /trying/ to create a decent piece of scenery. I've spent so much time working to improve my style of animals that I have no clue how to draw things like trees or bushes. :P I can't say I'm 100% satisfied, but the result does please me. The right colors really set the scene more than the detail of the artstyle in my opinion - although details are important, too!


Sarah S
Artist | Student | Varied


Pixel Icons - Animated
[C] Nick the Fox by Shikariix
.:AT:. Craycray by Shikariix
I Like Your Movements .:Kiriban:. by Shikariix
Pea Icon by Shikariix
Soft Huggles .:IC:. by Shikariix
.:IC:. Buster by Shikariix
Animated 50x50 pixel icon for usage on dA. Will draw any animal character. Sketch will be sent in a note to make sure everything is as you wish.
Pixel Icons - Static
Smile by Shikariix
New icon by Shikariix
Aywas Pixel commission 4 by Shikariix
Aywas Pixel commission 3 by Shikariix
Aywas Pixel commission 2 by Shikariix
Seymore by Shikariix
Static 50x50 pixels icon for usage on dA. Will draw any animal character. Sketch will be sent in a note to make sure everything is as you wish.

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